Packed with healthy fats and protein, our yogurt is hard to beat

Yogurt has long been considered to be a superfood. Eating yogurt on a regular basis can promote gut health and improve your digestion. Whether you enjoy our sheep's milk yogurt mixed with a bit of honey for breakfast or as a key ingredient in a savory dish, you'll enjoy a wide range of health benefits like better digestion.

Earnest Farms makes delicious and unique European style yogurt using sheep's milk from our small herd. Check out our online store today to order your new favorite yogurt.

Yogurt forms the base of many delicious recipes

Even if you don't particularly enjoy yogurt on its own, there are plenty of delicious recipes that you can enjoy it in. Our sheep's milk yogurt puts a unique spin on:

Tzatziki and other spiced yogurt sauces
Yogurt based curries and soups
Rich, sweet desserts or breakfast bowls

Now is the perfect time to try cooking a new dish. Visit us today to pick up an essential ingredient.